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Four-Way Comfort.

The perfect solution for areas with limited wall space, radiant heat and/or baseboard heating units. The console sits about six inches off the floor or against any wall as to not obstruct your view or lighting, and it provides efficient heating and cooling year-round.

Console: Excel
Residential | Light Commercial

When wall space is an issue, such as a finished attic space, convenient and efficient temperature control is handled to perfection by the Console Excel. Mounted approximately six inches off the floor, this seamless solution doesn’t hinder your view, obstruct lighting or cause distractions yet provides flexible modes of operation and exceptional heating and cooling.

Designed For Excellence

When wall space is at a premium, such as in a finished attic, sunroom or sloped-ceiling bedroom, the Excel Console mounts just six inches off the floor. There’s no compromise of your view or obstruction of lighting and yet you enjoy effective heating and cooling for year round comfort. Quiet and energy efficient, this set up eliminates window air conditioners, portable heaters and cumbersome equipment that takes away from decor and with simple installation, provides precision control over residential indoor temperature.

Limited wall space in the light commercial facility isn’t a problem for effective temperature control because of the versatility of the Console Excel. Sitting about six inches off the floor or against any wall, there’s no obstruction of your view or lighting, and yet you enjoy the benefits of multiple modes, zoned control, ease-of-adjustment via an app on the smartphone and outstanding comfort.

Easy To Use

For light commercial areas with limited wall space, handling temperature control without compromise can be difficult. The Excel console installs without major mess or reconstruction, and located approximately six inches off the floor, won’t get in the way of lighting or views. Handling heating and cooling needs with ease and efficiency, this style of indoor unit keeps sound levels and running costs to a minimum while offering convenient perks such as wifi accessibility via an app on the smartphone and modes for extra efficiency or rapid temperature increase or decrease.

Product Specs:
Product Type
Heat Pump
Up To 28.1
Up To 13.0
Product Brochure
Compatible Outdoor Units
Multi-Zone: Excel
Single Zone: Light Commercial
Single Zone: Essence
Single Zone: Excel
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