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Four-Way Air Control

This is a great solution when you need four-way directional air flow, like in a home office. The unit recesses into the ceiling and can be placed in the center of the room for optimal comfort and control.

Ceiling Cassette: Excel
Residential | Light Commercial

Recessed into the center of the ceiling, the Excel directs airflow 360 degrees to encompass the entire room and achieve ideal and consistent temperature. The unit takes up no living space, offers wifi accessibility for ease of control and achieves cost-saving efficiency levels.

Customized To Your Liking

Recessed into the ceiling and allowing flexibility of placement, this unit offers space savings and outstanding energy efficiency. Multi-directional airflow ecompasses the entirety of the room for uniform temperature and the epitome of comfort, no matter the weather outside. Sleep Mode for a good night’s rest, Eco Mode to optimize efficiency and Turbo Mode for rapid temperature increase or decrease are just a few of the many helpful features.

Space-savings, cost-savings and outstanding energy efficiency are just a few of the many advantages of the Excel ceiling cassette. Recessed into the ceiling, this unit provides 360 degree airflow, reaching every corner and maintaining a wonderfully uniform temperature.

Superior Air Flow

Mounted into the ceiling, where it takes up no valuable space and never draws unwanted attention, this unit includes 360 degree air flow for uniformly distributed heating or cooling in every direction. Ideal for light commercial application, the Excel offers flexibility in location, outstanding energy efficiency and wifi access for adjustment via an app on your smartphone. With non-invasive installation, you take precision control over year round temperature.

Product Specs:
Product Type
Heat Pump
Up To 28.1
Up To 13.0
Product Brochure
Compatible Outdoor Units
Multi-Zone: Excel
Single Zone: Light Commercial
Single Zone: Excel
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